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I apologise Campers, for not posting anything yesterday, however the last two days have been pretty tiring (I'm writing this up at home). After our gig at Leverkusen we got up at a reasonable hour, had breakfast and walked to the station.

However on arrival at the station we discovered that our train to Dusseldorf, was delayed and we'd have to take another train which would mean we wouldn't have seat reservations.

 Still waiting at Leverkusen station

Changing trains at Dusseldorf

As a general rule, I find German trains (Deutsche Bahn) pretty good - I have often written of my admiration for their fine restaurant cars and the seats are comfortable. Nevertheless, on occasions like this, it is not unusal for Dave - ever the wit, to tease Viola saying: "What you Germans need is a strong leader - to make the trains run on time!"

The unavailablity of seats meant that I sat on the toilet for most of the journey and the rest of the band sat on the floor or wherever there was a free space. Hester suggested that I should start a train toilet theatre company - as if I hadn't got enough work on my hands!

Disembarking at Munster

Coming back to Munster was a strange experience, it was here, pretty much a year ago that I fell seriously ill. I had written to my surgeon and was hoping that I might see someone who was involved in my recovery - this building - the University hospital in Munster (above) was where I convalesced, while the band continued the tour and then went on to the US.

Having said all that, I'm pretty sure that the band have never played Munster before (I actually became ill in the town of Lunen, and was transfered to Munster) and we were playing in the University theatre - it has a nice auditorium.

It had the usual goodies waiting for us, however the dressing room/green room was extremely cold and having endured an uncomfortable and delayed journey, the band were not in the best of spirits.

Most of the acts who play here are classical artists and the walls are festooned with signed pictures of them all, I realise that for classical artists, the main thing is to get your look 'right' - plenty of smouldering is advisable - here's me getting a few tips from heart-throb David Garrett.

This is the very cold corridor along which the band walked to the stage - I thought it looked like something out of a zombie movie.

Lovely little gift from Verena, our sound engineer...

At the end of the show, I had the good fortune to meet up with Dr Silky Brandt, the emergency doctor who brought me from Lunen to Munster - I don't remember her at all as I was unconcious. She had remembered me, and the name of our band and been curious to see us, so she came along! It was lovely to see her and her husband and she posed for a photo with the whole band. The welcome we got when we went on stage was amazing, a fantastic and enthusiastic (and sold out) audience - its good to be back. In fact, several old friends were there as well, including blog readers Karin Seel and Doris and Klaus, and I can only apologise to them that there is never enough time to properly talk - we are always on the move!

We had an early start the next day, but as the clocks were going back, it meant we had even less sleep - we had to be up to get the bus to Dusseldorf airport. Here's three Ukes checking in.

And finally, this is where we end up at the end of any foreign tour - at the baggage carousel. We'll nod to each other and say goodbye, and go our separate ways. I wont see Hester, for example, for a month. as she's not doing our US tour, which starts at the beginning of April. I will see you guys over in the US, so until the next time - thanks for reading and keep well (and stay healthy!).



It was a marvellous gig again and we are happy for you, that you could actually meet one of the doctors who took care of you last year. Don't mind the fact too much, that there was little time to chat this time. We enjoy every concert and having the chance to meet you guys afterwards, even if it is just for a few words, is just adding something extra to the experience. Have a good tour to the States and see you again in Dreieich.
Thank you Karin - maybe next time we'll have a bit more time to talk! Thanks for coming to the show...
It was a great joy to see the performance of the orchestra in M√ľnster and to meet you after the show, thank you so much for your attention. Have a good tour in the USA, we hope to see you again here in Western Germany some months later.
Thank you Fred, we have many wonderful friends in Germany and always get a good welcome there. I'm looking forward to catching up with you in the States. Keep well and best to the family.
Thanks Peter for giving us a glimpse of the touring life. I loved the pic of you and your Doctor. Where would we be without such wonderful care folks like her? We are looking forward to seeing you in April. Safe travels and see you soon!

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