Tony Penultimate

Munich Prinzregententheater (again)

Bequiffed promoter Claudius, forcefully tells Jonty to get his hairdo sorted out.....

Had a damn good sleep last night (11 hours!) after our day of rail travel. Apparently, Ben, who as well as being a fine musician, is also a keen dancer, went straight out into the Munich night to a Lindy Hopping/Jive Dancing event- good for him!

Once again we're playing in the beautiful Prinzregententheater, we have played here many times before

We also get a high quality meal at the in house restaurant, which, if memory serves me correctly, the chef tends to use a lot of froth on the food - an affectation some gastronomes may find pretentious, but for me makes a nice change from the railroad currywursts I've been eating regularly.

More rehearsing

Interior of the auditorium

At the restaurant - very fancy!

and here's my cod dinner, with potatoes and froth/foam - delicious!

More rehearsing after dinner

We were all given a flower at the end of the concert

signing afterwards


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