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I woke up in the middle of the night at our hotel in Hallein, despite being exhausted from all the travelling yesterday and spent sometime on the balcony, looking up at the stars - the sky is incredibly clear here in Austria and the air is very clean.  The hotel rooms are fairly stuffy and dry, every one is equipped with a dehumidifier. Whenever I see one, I remember American comedian Steven Wright's joke about being given a humidifier and a dehumidifier for Christmas:- he locked them in a room and let them fight it out.

The gig last night was in an old converted salt factory (we are very near Salzburg) which surprised me, but I now comprehend that the wealth of Salzburg in medieval times came from salt, hence the name (Salz = Salt). I am a disgrace to my dear old Dad who spoke six European languages (including Russian) whereas I, who have been touring Germany for twelve years, have only managed to learn 10 words of German (and one of those is bier!).

This is Jan, who I persuaded to let me take a picture of him, all the staff in our hotel wore the national costume.

My hotel key fob was another example of Alpine kitsch, here posed next to the frozen pond outside my hotel window.

More Austrian loveliness.....

and yet another photo of the Ukes getting on another train - this time to Munich.

George's bow tie was somehow hanging out of his bag in the baggage rack, and below, as ever, as soon as the train moved off we headed for the restaurant car!



Wohlsein, Rosemary, you are right! German beer is terrific, we fly home tomorrow, but will be back in two weeks here, we have had a wonderful time!
Ich wünsche immer Erfolg! Geniessen sie deutsches bier. Prosit! ☺
I hope this time you don't misunderstood my comment, like I think it happened in the previous blog... I was just joking. Sorry.
Enjoy the stay in Germany and after the gig have fun in a pub, drinking the best beer in the world, the german beer (word of honor of a German-descendent person ☺ )... if the Ukes are not too tired.

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