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I spent most of yesterday in my hotel room recovering from the exhausting journey the day before, I didn’t eat till 5pm, but I was quite happy slurping miso soup and practicing beginners tai chi in my hotel room. I have followed Gucci Mane and Young Thug on twitter (see yesterday) and generally relaxed.

I notice that there are no kettles in the rooms, only coffee percolators, so I’m using mine to boil water for the miso soup, however, I have decided to buy my own travel kettle ever since reading this truly disgusting hotel story. 

I also notice that touring around, I’m constantly being ‘tracked’ by the internet, in other words, apart from my bank, who I’ve told I’m going to be in the States - my news feed, facebook, twitter are all asking me what my location is every time I log on. As an experiment, I have taken out a trail membership of Spotify, the music streaming service - among the seven billion tracks they have are three of my own albums which languish, unloved, unlistened to, and gathering digital dust. Rather than boring website visitors by begging them to buy or stream my music, I have decided to buy it myself. 

Therefore, while I was in Gainesville, FL, Spotifys headquarters in Stockholm would have logged than an individual from an IP address in that city streamed one of my tracks 372 times (while he enjoyed a good nights kip). The same thing happened again in Phoenix (891 plays - a day and a night) and so on - by the end of the tour I could have earned as much as .57 cents!

Im telling you all this because as you might have gathered its been a pretty slow news day.

At four pm we went for a soundcheck at the Mesa Arts Centre (nice place!) ate some food, played the show, did the ‘meet and greet’ and then went back to the hotel.

Tomorrow things will be different - tomorrow we travel to Laramie in Wyoming, the home of the 'Old West' and that can only mean one thing - a new hotel...................and a new pen will join the pack.


 Waiting to be driven to the gig 

 Jonty identifies this tree as an orange tree by the smell of the leaves

 Mesa Arts Centre

Ben is quite a Rockstar



Hey no problem Ricky, thanks you for the fantastic scratcher! P
Great photos!Stories are...not for me to judge :). But, know this! I keep coming back for more! Thanks Peter.. wherever you are!

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