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Milton Keynes


After the marathon driving session I did with the last bunch of gigs I decided to take the train to Milton Keynes (as there were also roadworks in MK) - once up in London, I quickly transferred between St Pancras Station and over to Euston station, walking past the Crick Institute with all the scientists eating thier lunch.

Once at Euston I jumped on the train up to Milton Keynes - a quick half hour journey.

This is the Stables Theatre, founded by John Dankworth and Cleo Lane - big cheeses in the British jazz scene and where we have played several times before.

Plaque announcing what I've just told you (keep up!)

Here we are getting ready to soundcheck - the theatre is not that large, probably about 400 seats but a nice space to play all the same.

Here's Doug at his desk - I haven't posted a picture of him for a while....

Soundcheck (what else?) - the gig was pretty good. It's a shame that the album we made of the show is a few years old, as we are playing the numbers from this show (Lousy War) much better now.

 Here we are signing after the show - Hester at her finest...

 Hotel, Schmotel......

The next day, it was back on the train to London and thence, Kent - walking back to St Pancras from Euston I passed this pub window with an impressive array of bottoms - this blog is nothing if not 'artistic'................


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