Tony Penultimate

Mason City, Iowa

Doug has told me that my blog on this tour is 'photo heavy' which I think is a euphemism for laziness, either that or he thinks I'm a boring bastard: - so how about this for a photo exclusive!

It has been a pretty good day, after getting up this morning, the first thing I discovered was that there was a washing machine and a dryer in the hotel (you heard it here first) and it was a race between Rich and me to see who could get their washing in first - Rich won.

There are still some interesting places to go and visit (if you've got the time). Sadly this place was 40 miles away and I didn't have time for an eighty mile round trip. I have always liked Spam - it is an honest, unpretentious foodstuff and I feel an opportunity has been missed.

In the morning, we visited a local school to listen to a class of 11 year olds play their ukuleles, we also played them some tunes and talked about how the band got together and the places we go to play. It was a lovely experience, which we don't usually have time for, being on the road, to be able to give something back. They all seemed very thrilled.

Striding into the school, ukuleles at the ready

The class had their own ukuleles

A group photo with the class - there were two kids called Lincoln and London, and we were able to say that Jonty was born in Lincoln and Will was born in London!

Leisa discovered a couple of skipping ropes backstage and we all had a go before I stepped in to show my colleagues how it was done - I've still got it!

This is the North Iowa Community College - we sold 967 tickets - pretty good going.


Signing after the show

Once again I'm amazed by the long distances people will drive in the US, if they really want to see an act - one couple had driven all the way from Albuquerque, New Mexico - thats about 1000 miles! We've got no gig tomorrow, but a heavy travel day, so expect more photos - Sorry Doug!



Thanks Rich! Thanks Phredd - to tell you the truth Doug did pull me up on that yesterday and I had to confess to him that I felt I should have a 'fake news' item everyday...
The US tour blogs always make me think of the Wacky Races. And there go The Ukes across the Midwest in the Four-Strings-of-Fun-mobile..... Another thumbs up for the photos from me!
Peter, I love the pic of you and the kids with your ukes. That sounds like a pretty special day. Sorry you couldn't get to the Spam museum. Please tell Doug your readers love the pictures! :)

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