Tony Penultimate

Madison, Wisconsin

Richie showed me this picture this morning - he'd had a jacuzzi in his room (the bastard) at the Holiday Inn in Collegeville. So thats what all the racket was last night - doors banging, music, partying, shrieks, clinking of glasses, while I was next door, trying to grow a moustache.

   (Thats some more FAKE NEWS for you all, by the way)

Anyway to top and tail the last twenty four hours - our gig at Collegeville went well with plenty of ukulele players in the audience who participated in the first of our playalongs. As Dave pointed out to me, the one thing that people are deprived of in the developed world - is sleep, and we were all fighting the tiredness this morning. While most of us are over the jet lag, we had a 7.30 call in the morning, after checking into our hotel at 11.30 last night after the gig  - (a sejour of precisely eight hours). I may be going slightly mad!

 Checking out of the Holiday Inn, Collegeville, Minnesota

This is our tour bus for the next two days, our driver is called Dave. It was a six hour journey to Madison (back in Wisconsin) from where we had flown in yesterday.

 We few, we happy few, we band of ukuleles

 Stopping for breakfast in a local health food supermarket on the freeway

Minnesota reminds me of Sweden, as they have the same red barns, there were a lot of Swedish settlers here, way back when - the landscape is similar too. Apparently Wisconsin had a lot of German settlers as well.

On our way to Madison, Wisconsin

The shows are going well, and the energy is the band is good, despite the tiredness. Ewan's dancing in "The Old Home Place" is going down particularly strongly, and its good to have some extra movement in the show.

 Candy in one of the shops on the freeway

Arriving at the Wisconsin Union Theatre
We've played Madison before, and it's a nice place, with plenty of groovy shops, bars etc - it feels almost European in a way - our hotel is pretty comfortable too.

 Seen on the Box Office Desk

The theatre manager told us that both Martin Luther King and John F Kennedy had given speeches in this theatre. We've noticed also that several of us keep getting electric shocks, probably as we are inside all the time, walking on carpets etc made with man made fibres. The food on this tour has been good with plenty of veg and fruit on our rider.


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