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Liverpool (again!)


Backstage Rich and Ben run through some twiddley bits

I forgot to mention a damn weird thing that happened to me in St Albans. After having stayed in the Travelodge hotel up the road from the gig, I got up the next morning, had breakfast and then asked at reception for a cab to go to the station to get the train home.

When the cab turned up, the driver asked me to put my gear on the back seat rather than in the boot, which I duly did, I then started to walk round the back of the cab to get to get in the other side, whereupon the guy drove off with my luggage, leaving me yelling at him to come back!

It was such a classic case of being scammed, that for a few seconds I was in total shock - I went back into the hotel to get reception to ring up the cab company (to see if it was their cab - I was sure it was not) and the receptionist told me that the taxi was on its way back. Imagine my relief when the same cab returned with a very apologetic driver who told me he had got to the station, turned around and asked for his fare only to find he was addressing a pile of luggage in the back seat…….

and I thought I was absent minded!

arriving at Lime Street Station, Liverpool

Anyway, its always good to play Liverpool and we always get a good welcome here, we must have played the Philharmonic about five times now and I blogged our last visit pretty comprehensively so here are some random photos taken yesterday

Five of us who came up on the same train (Leisa, Will, Jonty, Clara and myself) shared a cab from Lime Street Station to the venue. The driver had seen us last time and was coming to the show that evening with his wife, he was pretty talkative and gave us a sales pitch for a Beatles tour company he also works for. We had an interesting discussion about the Philharmonic and all the stars who had played there, one of whom was Buddy Holly and the Crickets.

View from my hotel room

The gig was good and my hearing (I’ve got grommets in my ears) is slowly getting better. During breakfast at our hotel the next day Richie indicated toward a short fat guy in a blue shirt and told me he was a famous soap actor on Coronation Street (or EastEnders?) I don't watch the soaps ,but even I vaguely recognised him - I've had a look on the cast lists to both shows and can't see him, on the way back to my room he got in the same lift as me - consequently I've now become a bit obsessed about finding out who he is!

Clearing the stage after the show

Always good to have a drink in the Philharmonic Pub (for the interiors check here)


Statues of Kenn Dodd (Veteran Brit comedian) and Bessie Braddock (long serving Liverpool MP) at Lime Street Station



The actor in question is called Shaun Williamson - probably best known for being pushed off a cliff as Barry Evans in Eastenders, and a fine singer too! Also sitting straight in front of us was Sally Lindsay from Coronation Street - appears on Loose Women, that sort of thing - what do you mean you don't watch it?
Nice see you are in good health and returned to write your blog. Best wishes from Brazil.

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