Tony Penultimate


And so we (Will, Ben and I) drove from Leeds this morning and arrived in Lincoln. The Ukes touring 'fleet' on this tour comprises: Richie's car (luxurious) Dave's car (banger) Jamie's (tour manager) car (banger) and my car, which I bought LAST YEAR is currently making some banging sounds which means it'll have to go back into the garage when I get back. We've never played Lincoln before and its a pretty town dominated by the Cathedral (which I've just looked up and found out it was the tallest building in the world for a couple of hundred years!)

Ukes green room, left to right: Richie, Leisa, Clara, Ben, Franke (Jontys wife) Jonty, Jamie (tour manager)

Small theatre, but very elegant, it was a bit of a tight squeeze for eight of us to straddle the stage!

 Som beautiful old playbills in the green room...........



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