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One of the first signs that you are going mad on tour is that, like some prehistoric person, you start obsessing about signs, sigils and portents etc. Since I noticed the 'green theme' running through yesterdays travels, the first thing I saw today, as we packed up to leave our Bremen hotel, was Hester and her green suitcase which she thoughtfully models for me here.

While waiting for the train to Leverkusen (via Dortmund) I finally managed to get a photo of the Ukes where Will was not gurning at the camera (I caught him unawares) however Hester managed to ruin this exquisite composition by sticking her tongue out - such is the esteem that this august diary is held by my colleagues!

Rich dozes on the train from Bremen

Bikes at Leverkusen Station

What can I say about Leverkusen, other than its the pharmaceutical capital of Germany (headquarters of the giant Bayer company). This is our third time here (by my calculations) the first time I had my computer stolen from our hotel, the second time I blogged about it here. Maybe if I had had a career in pharmaceuticals, I might now in a more sound frame of mind, retired and playing golf, but somehow I don't think so......

The other news is that Verena (our sound engineer) is back, last night we were mixed by one of her students, Andrae, who did a good job. Verena was apparently signed on to some highly prestigious sound engineering course yesterday, which meant she missed the gig - God knows why - there seems to be precious little that she dosen't know about sound engineering....

Soundchecking Ukes

The other bit of good news is that we've sold out all 1000 seats in the theatre - thats not bad going! We really do get a warm welcome everywhere we go in Germany. Worryingly, I noticed at the interval that there is a split in my ukulele which I'll have to get fixed before we go to the States.

Dinner before the show - Viola (top right) is organising a pub quiz in some bar in Berlin (I think) and has to set questions about Greek mythology, here the Ukes (and Dave in particular) advise on whether to ask about Agamemnon or Helen of Troy....

At the end of the show we were again presented with a rose each, so I whipped out my phone and got a pic.

And since I had my phone out I sneaked a picture of our standing ovation!

Whenever we get given a rose, it always reminds me of comedian Harry Hill, and his joke about selling roses; moonlighting from his day job as a trainee doctor: - he would approach couples in restaurants and say, "Rose for the lady, sir? - there is a risk of lockjaw".

Walking out to sign merchandise

Amid all the CD's and DVD's that we signed, someone brought out a beautiful Koa phone case (its the hardwood that ukuleles are made from -  indigenous to Hawaii).


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