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Leeds (again!)

The Town Hall Leeds.

Wow, it took a bum numbing seven and a half hours to get to this gig from my home in Kent, the satnav said it would take five hours and I usualy add on an extra hour just for traffic jams, which naturally I encountered between junctions 16-19 of the M1 (roadworks - assuming you're interested). Like many British towns, there is a complicated traffic flow system once you arrive, which means if you're not familiar with the town, it can take a while to get to navigate to your destination.

And so I misssed the soundcheck and went straight to get some food as I was starving. This usually involves another problem:- eating a large burger (which is what I had) just before a show means that the food takes a while to go down so the first few numbers pass by with a series of grumbles and gurgles from ones digestive tract, which is fine if you're singing in an ensemble. The real worry is when you get to your own solo song, in my case, the romantic Neopolitan ballad 'Parla mi D'amore Mariu' where the voice is quite exposed - my nightmare is that some hideous gothic belch will involuntarily bubble up from my gut and go out over the PA..........

Still the gig was good despite everything, we were joined by Ben Rouse and Clare Sanabras as George and Hester were not doing this tour (Hester is starring in Flea - a ukulele opera in Bridport, Dorset). Leeds Town Hall is spectacular (if a bit echo-ey, with all that marble to bounce off) and the Ukes have a special affinity with the town as this was where George, Kitty and Dave all studied in the 1970's.

the organ at Leeds Town HalT

Today we move to Lincoln for the show tonight, I'm pretty tired as I'm naturally an early riser, and the gear change from home life, where I'm usually up at 6.30, to gig life, where its difficult to get to sleep straight after a show (because of the adrenaline) means that I'm going to bed late but my body still wakes me up early - I'll grab some sleep this afternoon when we get to the hotel in Lincoln.

beautiful auditorium



Just hope the belch doesn't decide to come out the other end. =D

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