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Late Night Line Up

Uber modern theatre we're playing in tonight

I'll let you into a little secret, Campers, I'm pre blogging this before it actually happens, as our gig starts at 10.45pm and is a straight run through for 75 minutes - I’m usually in bed at 10.30 when I’m at home! Added to this we have to catch our bus back to the airport at 7AM tomorrow morning, so we are not going to get much sleep tonight.

By tempting fate this way, I fully expect that during this evenings performance, one of the following three things will happen:

  1. A Vision of the Blessed Virgin will appear in the concert hall, and various audience members will have their ailments miraculously cured - Dave's gammy knee will get better, and he will turn to the Lord.
  2. A homicidal maniac with a grudge against the ukulele and an assault rifle will burst in and massacre us all.
  3. The show will go well.

So going back to earlier today, we went for another spectacular lunch organised by the promoters. The Ukes tend to be fast eaters - we have to be, as we often only have limited time to eat, and it isn’t really comprehensible to our hosts that we’re all done and dusted in 20 minutes while the Portuguese expect a meal to last a leisurely couple of hours!

Walking to lunch - love these umbrellas!

So after stuffing myself to the gills, I retired to my room for a short doze (punctuated by the occasional operatic fart) before soundcheck at 3pm. We practiced the Portuguese song 'A Minha Casinha' which we are going to play this evening - it sounds good and Will is going to sing it. The band also practiced some of the songs that we're doing at rehearsals next week in London - it will be good to get some new material in the set. One of our problems is that many people still expect us to play our big hits such as the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, which have had millions of hits on youtube and form the 'tent pegs' of our show, but any band has to keep things fresh and now that we all live in disparate places, its not easy to get everyone together in one place.

Salted fish for sale
Portugal is not a Mediterranean country, so much as an Atlantic one, meaning that its very hot if you’re standing out in the sun but somewhat cold if you’re in the shade.


Beautiful tiled building - one of many here in Agueda

The theatre is modern, only having opened in May this year according to promoter Luis, they've certainly taken very good care of us on this trip and all I can say is a heartfelt Obrigado! Its been a good trip.


The gig was good and Will singing 'A Minha Casinha' at the encore, brought the house down, we all finally got back to the hotel at 1.30am - I couldn't get to sleep until 2.30, and here's us waiting for the bus to the airport at 7am! Looking forward to getting the zeds in on the plane!


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