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Kansas aftermath and moving to the Desert

Here's the latest pen picture - Kansas Hilton Double Tree included

I really am starting to feel like some kind of a rancid road animal, flopping into the reception of each new hotel with my bag full of dirty washing, its day eleven and I am now down to my last pair of clean underpants. However today we moved to Palm Springs, California and the hope of heat and washing machines - Kansas, or Overland Park, more correctly has still been cold.  

The Kansas City show yesterday was a real blinder and we had a great reception too, we had a full house and a sweet girl (who must be a reader of this blog) gave Leisa and me some tinned Campbells soup as we had been ill - bless you!

It also slowly beginning to dawn on me that we've gone 'back on ourselves' travel wise i.e. Phoenix, Arizona is much closer to California, than Kansas - but the way the order of the gigs has fallen means that we've spent a lot of time on plane.

 Here's George and Ben at the soundcheck at the Carlsen Centre. Overland Park, Kansas.

I've posted this on social media, but it deserves a second outing! Dave, proudly holds his can of Playboy underarm deodorant (only .99cents) out for all to see, Will looks enviously on! Are we not a sophisticated urbane bunch in the UOGB?

 A local artist had also spent the gig sketching the band and I'm impressed by the 19th century Dickensian feel of this picture. Maybe we could all get parts in Hamilton - the Broadway musical?

 On the way to Kansas City Airport

 Waiting waiting waiting waiting again again again again!

The plane journey (American Airlines) from Kansas to Los Angeles took three hours and was really comfortable - it was a small plane  but it felt more like being on a private jet with some people you didn't know. I sat next to Richie and we both enjoyed the extended legroom - I immediately screwed up by falling asleep for most of the journey, it was that comfortable!

Legroom Leisa, I'm going to start calling her....... 

More common sense from Coca Cola. Richie and I both had early morning alcoholic drinks, Bloody Mary for me and a G and T with I and L for him. One feature of this tour is the fact that, after we've performed our show and gone back to the hotel for a drink, the bars in several hotels have been closed. Its not that we've even got back late - its usually been 11pm - so we felt justified in having a bevy, plus it helps you to sleep on a plane. 

We flew over the Rockies 

 Will models luggage at LAX - Stay Foxy man!

View from the transit bus at Los Angeles airport 

 Richie had a fortune cookie and this was the message - very appropriate!


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