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January Blues

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2018 - the year has started quietly, with just a few days rehearsing on the south coast for our memorial concert for Kitty Lux (one of our founder members) at the Barbican Theatre, London, plus our upcoming tour of the United States in April.  In UOGB-land, January is quite often busy, but this year gigs will start in earnest in February, when we return to Germany.

We hired a house in Hove and spent quite a bit of time rehearsing new numbers, we also had the chance to catch up with long time UOGB friend and cheerleader Richard Durrant  It was in his studio near Hove where we recorded our album Secret of Life, well over 10 years ago.

We all had our publicity photos taken, needless to say, I had to bend down - very painful to hold that position!

Scene from our rehearsal room, the guy on the left in a maroon jumper is Ewan Wardrop he is an interesting fellow and is coming on tour with us to the US in April.

And so on the 26th January, we went to the Barbican, where we played our memorial concert for Kitty, funds from which will go toward a music bursary for a young person (s). It was a thoroughly emotional night with many faces from the past, in fact there were way too many people to get round to say hello to everybody, so apologies to those I didn't see.......

Dave chats to some members of the original incarnation of the Ukes.

Taken during a pause for the video shoot for the Barbican theatre's youtube channel.

Richie had bought these little polka dotted bow ties which we all wore, or placed on our instruments as a tribute to Kitty (she always wore a polka dotted headscarf).

I managed to get into this soundcheck photo - one of the techs offered to take the picture.

A quick brush up backstage on some of the tunes we had worked through in Hove.

The first incarnation of the Ukes watch George paying tribute to Kitty and introducing the show on the backstage tv monitor, while waiting to go on.

And here they are, playing some tunes before we took to the stage.

The Barbican is where we'd played back in the early naughties, although it was in one of the smaller theatres, we filmed our first concert DVD there. This time we were in the big hall, which held approx 2000 peole and we had sold it out - there was certainly a lot of love in that room.

Here's Ali Burke, who as well as being a ukulele player and leader of her own band "The Toots", is an accomplished photographer - she took pictures for the event. I came out of my dressing room and tried to get a picture of her, taking pictures, but she turned around and took one of me first!

 It's just like being a gunslinger really. (thanks for sending me the photo Ali!)



Hi Peter, i'm a ukulele lover, and obviously the Pete Howlett Ukuleles are really pieces of art! Have a nice day!!!
Hi Andrea, Happy New Year to you. You are very sharp eyed! Yes, it is another Peter Howlett Ukulele but this time with geared pegs.....
Hey, but there is an unusual ukulele in the last picture (i think), i've noticed the geared tuners instead of friction tuners...stuff for ukulele fans :)
Hi Peter, welcome back!

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