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Jane Austen at the Pizza Express

It was a good day yesterday, I left the Guildford hotel at noon and drove the one hour drive to Worthing, through the beautiful rolling countryside of West Sussex, I stopped in at a great pub called the Limeburners, its over 400 years old and I walked in bent double (until I sat down) - the ceilings were THAT LOW! Chatting with Chip the landlord, I found out his parents had run the pub since 1957 and he'd taken it over in 1981. Sadly pubs are slowly dying in the UK (unless they serve food) as people tend to drink at home - if you're ever in the area its worth a visit (website here).


We were last in Worthing in 2015 and upon arrival, we found out that Richie wasn't able to make the gig, so after a quick change of set, we covered his absence by playing Shaft, which we haven't done in a while and the gig went over well. Any kind of change in the set/personnel gives the evening an extra 'edge' and we responded by stepping up to the plate and giving it some extra energy.  

Rich will hopefully be back for tonights show in Hastings and will no doubt get the standard UOGB ribbing about the 'special kind of magic' in last nights show!

Inscription at the entrance to the theatre

After we'd finished the show, we went back to the hotel which was a typical example of the english seaside style, looking over an elegant Georgian square. We were joined by our friend Ewan Wardrop, he used to be a dancer, but now makes his living as an actor comedian - he does a superb show about George Formby and his blog is good too......

Worthing is a party town on Saturday night, but without too much of the 'dark side' (peeps vomiting, fighting, police, ambulances etc). Just plenty of youngsters (as they used to be called) getting drunk in a fairly wholesome way and plenty of girls wearing British winter standard party clothing (i.e. next to nothing).

This morning I came across the remnants of a late night meal on a bench outside our hotel and couldn't help noticing the inscription on the park bench. 

I'd also noticed this plaque on the side of the wall of the local Pizza Express - ZOOM IN and you'll see who stayed here and on that note of seaside surrealism I'll see you tomorrow!


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