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 Picnic at Rabigh

I had a very brief, very sweet meeting with my brother and sisters yesterday in London, who were over in the UK to sort through some of the stuff my parents left after they died. Since the Brexit vote, I have been thinking about ways of remaining an EU citizen and one of the more interesting ideas would be to obtain a Portuguese passport (by virtue of my birth in Lisbon).

That I was born in Portugal, is due to the fact my Dad was working there as a British diplomat. My elder sister was born in Beirut, which, in the 1950's was a sophisticated and cosmopolitan city, before it got destroyed in the civil war in the 1970's. My dad was working in Saudi Arabia at the time as a junior diplomat - just before the Suez crisis and my parents both went to Beirut because it had a modern American hospital. My younger sister was born in Helsinki in Finland, it was an interesting, but odd upbringing for all of us. 

So needless to say, here are photos discovered a couple of days ago, that have not been seen for sixty years! They will eventually go in the bin, but thank goodness I have a scanner, where they can have a digital second life. I've printed any captions on the reverse which give some indication of where they were shot - principally Riyadh (Capital) Jeddah (where my parents lived) and Rabigh, and all in 1955!  I'll put up some more pics tomorrow!

Inscribed on the reverse "On one of the pilgrim ships (presumably to Mecca?) - Horace Phillips, French Charge d'Affaires, Italian Charge d'Affairs, Hazel (my mum) Captains Gibbons and Cochrane

Wooden screened balconies in an old tenement here



Many years ago before the discovery of oil, this was a Royal Palace

 Cars old and new but still water carriers

 At the petrol station, Rabigh 


The carved wooden door of a Turkish style house






Thank you! I'll see if I can find any more.....
Hi. We are from Rabigh.Thanks for the great pictures. It's good to see how rabigh looks like decades ago. Do you still have some old photos of rabigh?

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