Tony Penultimate

I'd Like To Eat You All

Like most musicians, I’m a music fan (still) and I like to listen to things which other people might consider unfashionable. What could be more relaxing, for example, after a hard days work gardening, ironing or doing housework, than to kick off your shoes, put your feet up and listen to the Vietnamese National Anthem (cracking tune - available from this super National Anthems playlist).

In fact, there’s nothing better than a good national anthem when you want to get your toes tapping. I think my favourite is probably the Brazilian national anthem (written by a pupil of Puccini) closely followed by the La Marseillaise (French National Anthem)

So after having listened to Tom Services's magnificent podcast about national anthems, BBC Radio 3’s The Listening Service, I’ve decided to write my own anthem, not because I’m any sort of nationalist - au contraire - I consider myself a total European (although a mortally wounded one, thanks to my compatriots) but because the concept of a national anthem seems somewhat out of date - particularly in this age of globalisation.

So that being the case, I thought I'd better write the lyrics about food, yes - FOOD, that way I can use as much xenophobic language as I like (God Bless! Stand Up! I'm Proud! etc etc) and indeed I am proud of it - take a listen!  

The tune can be downloaded FREE from the soundcloud page above and if you want to singalong with it on your ukulele theres a CHORD SHEET here

Thank you to the wonderful musicians who helped me record it.

Elizabeth McCall sang the tune

Julian Ferraretto played the violin 

Alex Kidston played the tuba 

Ben Castle played the clarinet 

Guy Bellingham played the saw  

Dan Teper played the piano   

Justin Woodward played the drums

I played the ukulele and was the 'hearty' chorus!



Thank you Rosmeri for correcting my error about da Silva! I will have to learn to check my facts sometimes! Good wishes from all of us in the Ukes!
I'm flattered by your appreciation for the Brasilian Nacional Anthem; not wanting to look like a patriot, but I am! This Anthem was composed in 1822 by Francisco Manuel da Silva, the Composer of the Imperial Chamber of Brasil. I need to desagree with your statement about him being a pupil of Puccini, because Puccini was born in 1858. Anthems are good good quality classic music, and I don't consider unfashionable. -> I'd like to eat you all. .. Hahaha, good! It'se funny... Hahaha! :-)
Great song Peter, and i like the chord sheet because is always funny try to play new songs! I'd like to sing also Blackpool! :)

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