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So here we are back on the road my friends, a couple of weeks after our gig at Chester and after a day rehearsing in London for our show Lousy War.

Instead of taking the train, I decided to drive up to Huddersfield, where we'd last played in 2014 at the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival when Kitty was still playing with us. According to Dave, the new Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker comes from this town.

The drive (with stops) took about six hours which bothered me not in the slightest since I passed the time listening to the excellent Dissect podcast (recommended) about musician Frank Ocean. I've also got a new car - well I'll qualify that by saying that its a new 'old car (10 years old) but with very low milage and driven by an old guy who sold it back to the dealer - its now going to get some serious miles added to it by yours truly.

As the ragged road rolled by, I soon found myself in Yorkshire - Gods own country, as Yorkshire people like to pedantically put it.

I arrived at the hotel - fairly basic but clean, in good time for the soundcheck and immediately noticed that they had a photo of the Queen and Prince Philip in the lobby - this is both charming and wierd!

I bumped into Hester outside the hotel and we walked to the venue, the splendid and opulent Huddersfield Town Hall. The north of England is filled with these grand imposing buildings which while beautiful are totally impracticable for modern workspaces.

 Here's a shot of the band setting up


We were performing as guests of the New Mill Male Voice Choir for a fundraising benefit for charity, they were all great guys and during the performance they all looked terrific in their green blazers.

The Ukes in the dressing room.  It was a good night and I find it incredibly refreshing to perform with choirs like this, we might perform for money, but they do it for the love and thats infectious! Its quite easy to become a bit jaded on the road.

Finally, while we were waiting to go back on at half time, I noticed Dave with his head in his hands (not uncommon) - maybe it was the carpet or the wooden cladding but it felt a bit Flemish, so with a bit of rearranging of everyones position, we composed a Rembrant-y type tableau - Beat that Vermeer!



Thanks Phil!
A lovely snapshot from The Road - a fearsome prospect for some of us - and a great photo realisation of an Old Master (insert own joke here, you're welcome..)

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