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Hot Croydon, Cold Croydon

 tonights giveaway big prize!

Dave, seen here looking increasingly like a magnificent old Shakespearean actor, has an interesting theory, that the whole world is increasingly becoming a giant Croydon.  For non UK residents, I should explain, Croydon is a 1960’s Neo Brutalist satellite town (still a part of London) that was rapidly expanded during the 1950/60’s to and has become a sort of rhapsody in concrete, a byword for modernity gone wrong.

a postcard of Croydon in the 1960's

From a distance it looks like the New York skyline on a budget, look closer and you’ll find underpasses covered in graffiti, windy walkways and plenty of, well, concrete. A lot of Britain now looks like this however, and indeed the wider world - Dave has identified several types of “International Croydon” where we have toured: 'Hot Croydon' is typified by Palm Desert in California, 'Cold Croydon' - Tromsø in the Arctic Circle, 'Sub Tropical Croydon' might be anywhere from Brisbane to Hong Kong.

Reading where we played reminds me of this theory a bit, even though there is an old town where our hotel is. We'll see. 

Hexagon Theatre, Reading - exterior

All this is a waffle is a roundabout way of saying that not much has happened in the last 24 hours, I stayed in a hotel in Southampton, drove to Reading at midday, the band rehearsed and we performed the show which went over well.


Hexagon Theatre, Reading interior - full of modernistic angles.

This reminds me of an Edward Hopper picture. 

And finally this is Jo who sat in the front row and won the aforementioned big prize and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the show, so much so that she brought her spoons up to be signed at the end. Cheers Jo!

Bristol tomorrow.


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