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Hey Hey - it's Packing Day USA

I was going to put an exclamation mark after the title of this blog, but on second thoughts, maybe not. Having leafed through my passport to see how many times the Ukes have toured the States, I've found seven work visas - we may well have toured more, quite often a visa can straddle two or even three tours.

But heigh ho, thats where the work is and a persons gotta do what a persons gotta do (as John Wayne might have said - had he been familiar with the concept of gender fluidity).

I was fortunate to have the help of my daughter Poppy with the packing, which for a big tour (like this one - 19 days) was very helpful. The aim is obviously, to keep the weight down, so the clothes I wear from day to day are those of the perpetual adolescent (jeans and old tour t shirts). My bag weighs 20.8 kg.

For an old geezer like me (I'll be sixty during this tour) such clothes feel comfortable but slightly inappropriate. I remember as a teenager, how easy it was to spot people over thirty, short hair, straight trousers etc. Nowadays, its a lot more difficult to guess someones age (or maybe thats my perception?).

Since the Ukes are going to the States, I suggested to Poppy that we check out the US Top Fifty on Spotify, while we packed - to get into the groove. That didn't last long, as the number of explicit rap songs with the words F***, Mutha F*** and of course N***** made me reach for the off button. I realise now what my parents generation must have felt like when, brought up on a diet of Glenn Miller or the operettas of Ivor Novello, they heard the filth and the fury of Punk Rock back in the seventies.

Well, at least I know who Lil' Yachty is now..........





Thanks Brian - I'll try!
Hi from Brazil, have a good trip =)

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