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A fairly bland day today - I gave Will a lift from Worthing to Hastings (we listened to Quentin Crisp - excellent) and went to the hotel where I had a good sleep - my room has a view of the pier.
It was pretty much two years since I trod in some dog shit here back in 2017 - and the town is slowly getting cleaner and groovier.

View from my hotel room - the pier, which burned down five years ago has been refurbished and looks good.

Here's the view from my microphone - you can see Doug, our sound guy in his box at the back of the theatre.

And here's the the view from between my legs - if only I had a singing penis then I could really make some money in showbiz - unfortuately its just a mike for my uke....

Here's us in the dressing room - I went and had a terrific meal at a nearby Turkish restaurant, just walking in there you could tell the food was going to be good. Bumped into Doug (again) and we chewed the fat about gigs etc - he is a fairly taciturn guy but has done a lot of interesting shows (eg worked with Nana Mouskouri and Murray Head...and BUCKS FIZZ!!!!).

Waiting to go on, the show was succesful - lots of ukulele players in tonight to join in the playalong - we also did some backstage rehearsing to get a couple of new numbers up to speed. Met some old friends at the signing after the show.

Last gig of this short tour tomorrow in Tunbridge Wells


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