Tony Penultimate

Hanover, New Hampshire

Today, we spent our last day at the Fireside Inn, Lebanon, New Hampshire and we left at 4pm to go to the gig - so its goodbye New Hampshire as tomorrow we travel to Maryland. Hello Maryland.....

Goodbye - kitsch cart of teddies in the lobby

This is Hanover, New Hampshire - the last time we were here we were able to stay at a hotel on campus, next to the gig, however, this time it was booked up, hence the hotel 20 minutes outside town.

Entering the Hopkins Centre for the Arts - our gig tonight

Nice place


The show was great and sold out, after which, we did a Q&A with ukulele players. Tonight's show was distinguished by Ewan, surprising us all by breakdancing in the middle of 'The Old Home Place' and me, who executed a perfectly timed sneeze in 'Slave to the Rhythm'. The next few days are likely to be a bit thin on the ground, blog wise, as we have early starts both days, plus long bus journeys. I'm off to bed.



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