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Labskaus - a traditional Hamburg dish!

Its raining in Hamburg.....

Yesterday was a day off, which was just as well, as I was still exhausted from the Sylt gig:- its not that I didn't have a comfortable room, but that I found it impossible to get to sleep before 2AM and then woke up at 7.30 AM (my body clock was still on 'home time' - I'm an early riser).

I read on the internet that Justin Beiber has cancelled some shows due to exhaustion (a good analysis of it here) I know exectly how he feels!

We left Sylt in the afternoon and made the 3+ hour train journey back to Hamburg (staying at the same hotel). I like it a lot here, Jonty, who lives here and is the worlds greatest proselytiser for all things German and Hamburg in particular, says it is because it is a port and has a tradition of welcoming strangers.

Rich and I enjoy lunch on the Sylt-Hamburg train

L to R: A Beer, Jonty, Richie, Ralf (Jontys pal) Dave, Viola, Hester, Clara and Franca (Jontys wife)

In this spirit of welcome, Jonty and his wife Franca had booked us a table at Max's bar, where we had been two days ago and we all had a meal together and a few drinks before heading back to the hotel. Dave, Rich and me had 'Labskaus' a wierd, but delicious Hamburg favourite, which is a sort of corned beef hash with beetroot, pickled herring, gherkins with a couple of eggs on the top.

Richie, it must be said is an excellent photographer and regularly publishes his tour photos online, he sent me this photo taken when I was discussing the 'Full English Brexit' angle with Viola (see yesterdays blog).



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