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Here for the benefit of @NipNapShite, who asked about the mysterious box on top of my suitcase in yesterdays blog (a box of CD’s, which I had schlepped all the way over from England) is a picture of the honest burghers of Dortmund examining the said produce after the show yesterday. The gig went well last night and we received a standing ovation - Germans really do love their music - I'm told they spend more on music (concert tickets, downloads, CDs etc) than the rest of Europe put together. Mind you this is the country that produced Bach, Brahms and Beethoven so they should know a thing or two.

One things for certain, as the years roll by, I notice that my voice suffers if I'm tired and I was pretty tired last night as I started the day at 4AM, but the trouper instinct prevailed. Fortunately, I was able to rely on the old ‘Exquisite Musical Ecstasy' ploy (a bit of on the road indiscretion here) but if you're pooped on stage, save yourself for your big songs, and while accompanying the slower numbers, keep your back ramrod straight, tilt your head back, open your mouth a little and shut your eyes. The effect, which you've probably seen with countless guitarists, Richard Clayderman etc gives the audience the impression that your soul is ‘on fire’ and you're really feeling the music. In reality, muscle memory keeps your fingers plunking out the chords, the weight of your head travels direct down your spine and you can pass a couple of numbers in ‘power save’ mode.

The other bad news is that my diet has gone straight up the Swanee (we are the tofu people chez nous back home) with all the sumptuous food on offer, my wife was appalled by the 'titty boy' picture while I was touring the States last year.

So the day of doom dawned in the darkness of the Dortmund morn as we made our way to Dusseldorf airport (hows that for alliteration Campers!). I had managed to get five hours sleep, and as I came out of our hotel, our charming taxi driver was feeding the pigeons.

At Dusseldorf airport I espied this intriguing 'teeth tunnel"

Here's a brace of ukulele players sleeping - Dave in the land of nod, as he waits for the plane.........


And likewise Jonty, sparko on the chairs.....

When we arrived at Munich, I too fell asleep on the very comfortable bus to Hallein (a three hour journey) and when i awoke, its was in front of this Croydonesque Alpine Vista. More tomorrow Campers....



Sorry, Peter. Regarding my comments... I was not criticizing or inquiring, I was just joking. Maybe you misunderstood my intention. Best wishes to Ukes, from Brazil.
Hi Rosemeri, thanks for your comment, Just to let you know that made sure I checked with Dave and Jonty it was ok to publish their picture and they were ok with that. The tiredness is OK really, its just sometimes we all need to protect ourselves from getting ill on tour - that can be a disaster!
I wish Ukes success again at your upcoming gigs in Germany.
Jonty looks like an angel sleeping. . . Why I have the impression he is an angel only when he sleeps? Hahaha! Sorry! I could not resist! Haha! :-)
What's the reason for Dave's crutch (walking stick?). Dave is injured? I wish him to get better soon.
Peter, do you like to photograph your sleeping friends, do not you? They already did the same to you? Haha! :-D
You are really "feeling" the music... almost sleeping on stage... Great! I do adore it! Hahaha! ☺ If I "felt" my job this way...there would be a violent explosion and consequently disintegration of my workplace (with me inside of it!) Haha! I really think I chose the wrong profession. Do not get me wrong. I really admired your attitude. You get to desguise your tiredness with a lot of class!

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