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Gainesville - Knackered Ukes!

Waiting at Orlando for the bus to Gainesville 

There's an old saying that every journey begins with a single step and out of all the Ukes, its usually Jonty who starts travelling first, as he lives in Hamburg and therefore must come to London before we even start. For us UK 'out of towner' Ukes, most of us started our journeys to Gatwick Airport at 7AM and our plane left for Orlando FL at 13.00 UK time.

I'm typing this in at the hotel in Gainesville, where we will play later today at the University Auditorium - I think we did this venue a couple of years ago. The whole trip took 18/19 hours (5AM UK time!) which is why Ben looks so tired!

I've decided to mark out the tour days, not only by pinging something up online everyday, but by photographing pens from all the hotels we stay in on this tour.

Hotel No1 - Pen No1

The flight itself was pleasant, Virgin Atlantic is a pretty good airline for transatlantic flights; comfy seats, pretty okay food, I watched the Rolling Stones in Cuba documentary, chatted, slept a little. We were well looked after by steward Stu, who kept us entertained with stories of life in the skies etc.

Flying over Ireland before we cross the Atlantic 

The journey took nine and a half hours and we landed in Orlando a little zonked but not too bad. We got through immigration quite quickly - sometimes it can take an hour to an hour and a half, and then set about looking for our bus driver who was going to drive us to Gainesville (a two hour journey).

Leisa, Doug (sound engineer) Dave and Will chatting 

On arrival at Orlando and getting my case back, I discovered that this little bad boy (see below) had burst and left a trail of highly concentrated gunk all over my dinner jacket - as we say in the band.......thats nice!

the offending item 

A slightly recovered Ben in the bar.....Cheers!

The hotel we are in has given us some welcome packs with water, crisps etc, so I am going to have breakfast in my room consisting of miso soup (I brought several packs from the UK) plus the Oreo biscuits from the welcome pack.

I'm also going to get my stuff ready for the gig tonight and have another nap.

Our good friend Ricky and his wife Ruby are coming up to the show this evening and it'll be good to catch up with them. More tomoz, campers!


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