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First German Tour 2018

Its pretty much a given that, as a musician, you work while others play, this is not a problem when you’re young and want to party all the time, however as you get older, you’ll find that every time there is a half term, or a holiday of some sort - you’ll be out touring.

So its half term as I make my way to London City Airport to jump on a flight to Dusseldorf for a weeks tour, nursing a heavy cold (I’ve had it a week now). This is slightly ominous, as it is from LCR that I flew to Germany last March and, somewhere along the way contracted the meningitis that nearly killed me.  But on the whole I’m feeling pretty good - I’ve recently come off a three day vegetable juice diet which has cleaned me out nicely, so its time to start porking out without all that delicious German food. 

I can't remember how many times we've played Dortmund, maybe seven or eight? We are without Dave, who is having another knee operation. Our gig at Dortmund is the gift that keeps on giving, lovely host Christain Lenzing (above), nice dressing rooms (below) great audiences.


Waiting to go on for the second half

Blurry Encore photo


Dortmund morning from the hotel - the BIG news is that the chat up hotel has had a refurb and they have got rid of the intimate bar area!


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