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Festival O Gesto Orelhudo

Gatwick again.

The first thing that happened after we boarded the plane at Gatwick was one of the BA stewardesses recognised us, which led to Dave having his photo taken in the cockpit! The stewardess, Kathryn, had seen us many times with her family, going way back to our gigs at Cecil Sharpe House and was a long time fan. I had a good chat with her, during the flight and brought her up to date with all the band news.

Fantastic meal after our journey at a local restaurant near the hotel

So after a two hour flight we arrived at Porto - Portugal is in the same time zone as the UK. We were then picked up by bus and driven to Agueda, where our gig is. Talking to Viola, apparently the festival here have wanted to book us for a long time, but we've never been available at this time of year before.

On our trip, we've got Ben Rouse depping for George and Verena, our german tec, is doing the sound, she's here with her wife Marianna as they are having a brief holiday afterwards. We've never played Portugal before and many of us haven't even visited this part of Europe.

 View from the top floor of the hotel

This is the country where the ukulele originated, before it was taken to Hawaii by Portuguese sailors and gained huge popularity during the 1920's. I was born here and I feel an affinity with the Portuguese, but if the truth be told, while they all have great skin, they are not the tallest people in Europe, so I feel like a visiting giant!

 Rainbow vomit!

We were all expecting hot weather, but it is very misty and foggy, which is not unpleasant and its going to get hot again on the day we leave - typical!

The hotel we are staying in is pretty comfortable, and after our meal and a good nights sleep, I got up and had a walk around, there's plenty of colour here.

 Street with an umbrella canopy

Walking into the bathroom in the hotel, I was reminded of a story Will told me; he was chatting to a music biz friend and they were talking about things that annoyed them. Will said that he got really irritated if the toilet paper in hotel rooms was folded into triangles (see above) - there was just something about it......

The friend lookd at him strangely and said:

"Wow! it sounds like you stay in really good hotels"



Thank you Andrea - the gig was great, and when I arrived home I slept a straight ten hours!
Hi Peter, have fun in your "one-day tour" in Portugal!

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