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Dave makes me laugh - at last nights show, Will had just finished a gag about our band having been together for 32 years - "thats why we look so tired!" when Dave chipped in "yeah, its been a tough tour - the band have just got back from 'Nam - Cheltenham! (for non UK residents, its a genteel English Spa town).

We've probably played here four times over the past ten years. The first time we played here was the first gig we ever did without George, which was fairly nerve racking given his considerable musical prowess. The last time we played here coincided with International Speak Like A Pirate Day, and so in a fit of whimsy, I sang the whole of Thunderball in a heavy Cornish accent (a la Robert Newton)

We'd all driven down from Cheltenham after having been booted out of the hotel at 10.30 (thats an early check out time, especially when playing in the evenings) arrived, checked in to the hotel, gone to the theatre and then rehearsed the new material again - it all sounded pretty good.  So last night, we even excluded the perennial favourite The Good The Bad The Ugly from our show.

The food is always good in Exeter, meaning that its cooked on the premises. We had chilli (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) which was delicious. After the show we went out to sign merchandise when I took this photo of Dave and Jonty as we made our way through the kitchen - it reminded me of the iconic scene in the movie Spinal Tap


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