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Every Cloud has a Sulphur Lining.....


Towards the end of the first set last night, a vile and loathsome smell passed over the stage. It is one of the ‘rules of the road’, a cardinal sin, that you do not 'drop one' when you are performing as your colleagues are stuck where they are, and cannot escape. Of course its a rule, I have broken many times without any recriminations, but the smell was overpowering. Immediately we exited the stage there were accusations, denials and hurtful looks - I could have sworn it emanated from my right hand side, so it must have been Dave, but he vehemently denied it, as did I, having had 'form' in this area during the past. When we walked on stage for the second half (after a break of 20 minutes) the smell was still there and I can only conclude it was not from a human bottom, but some nefarious concoction that must have come from somewhere else, it was a mystery.

On a lighter note, the concert last night was a success and a sell out and Rowan our promoter is pleased so we will be back. Speaking of Rowan, he has a magnificent ‘sleeve’ of animal tattoos on his arm to remind him of South Africa, where he was born.


After the concert we all went to an English pub, where the Ukentlemen were playing, we sat in for a couple of numbers (I managed to exclude myself so I could take photos) and then back to the hotel. 

Its been a fun tour and we’ve enjoyed it, Will grabbed my phone and insisted on taking a picture of me and this is the result!



Good to meet you too Rex, we'll have to synchronise our cups of coffee at the Zetland! Keep well and best to Carol P
You were walking south to the Zetland and I was walking north from the Zetland, we met and you mentioned your blog. Have found it and I can see it will improve my quality of life - keep on blogging !

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