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Having spent a large part of my musical life on the road, I am baffled by these sort of seating arrangements in hotels, I mean - I ask you, what sort of person would want to sit for any length of time in a corner like this? Presumably watching people coming out of and entering the lift?

So to bring you up to speed my friends, I had a perfectly dreadful nights sleep last night, having awoken at 4.30AM and was not able to get back to the land of nod - I think its probably because I didn't have a shower all day, and was so tired by the time that we got back to the hotel that I went straight to bed. 

So we caught the non fancy train to Dusseldorf from Vellmar WITH NO BAR/RESTAURANT on it! A major inconvenience and pretty uncomfortable seats as well.

On our arrival at Dusseldorf we walked ten minutes to the same ornate pseudo brothel/hotel that we had stayed in earlier this year, with all the rooms named after movie stars. My room was on a split level and named after a famous Dutch magician (I can't be bothered to link to his bio - it's 1.30AM in the morning Peeps!)

I'm sleeping upstairs on the mezzanine, which means a precarious walk down the spiral staircase when I wake to go to the toilets in the middle of the night.

There is an enormous floor to ceiling pic of the androgynous Hans Something or other which dominates the room.

And here's the spiral staircase that I'll probably break my neck on in a few hours time....

Viola brought one of her pals, Andreas, backstage and I have to say its not often that I meet guys taller than me - he's 2.07 metres! - We had a sympathetic chat about all the dumb comments tall people get asked all the time (eg "whats the weather like up there")


Having our photo taken - this is what it looks like from where I'm standing...


It was a great pleasure to meet up afterwards with so many old friends: Doris and Klaus (see blogs passim) and Eva Hofbauer, who again brought us a big bag of goodies. Finally a big mention must to to Andreas and his lovely partner Sonia, who knowing of my admiration for terrible German Schlager duo "Die Amigos" (they are a kind of German Millican and Nesbit) had written to the aforementioned balladiers, requesting a signed photo for yours truly which they duly presented to me. I'll be putting it on the wall of my toilet next to the pic of me meeting the Queen.  Right Night Night Campers - more tomorrow!



Thanks Rich - do forgive me if a groan a little........!
I think it was Hans Knees and his assistant Bumpy Daisy
You’re right Fred! Hope gigs are going well
Hans Something or Other would be a great name for a band!

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