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Wierdly named coffee shop outside Dortmund station….

The Dortmund show was good last night, but my cold is still lingering on this morning, We left for Dusseldorf at around 11am and found ourselves on a train full of football fans singing at the top of their lungs. Luckily the journey was only an hour and I managed to get a bit of a kip for the last half hour.

 An exasperated Ben eats a sandwich serenaded by football fans, ticket collector looks a bit pissed off too....


Arrival in Dusseldorf

I’m in the Ben Becker suite 

The hotel in Dusseldorf is comfortable and close to the theatre (next door) the rooms look like a cross between a funeral parlour and a turkish brothel, while they are all numbered, they're also named after German film stars.

Richie is in the Werner Schneyde suite


We did some rehearsing before the gig. Although we’ve played Dusseldorf before we’ve never played this place (Savoy Theatre) the interior looks very like the Savoy theatre in Helsinki? Its around 500 seats

Savoy Theatre, Dusseldorf

Finally in tribute to dear old Dave, who is not on this tour, I sneaked a blond wig onstage for Highway to Hell to headbang.



Hello Juergen, thank you! It was so full in the theatre foyer that I can't remember seeing you (or maybe I'm just too deaf!) thank you for coming along to see the show and I hope the photo turned out OK. All best Peter
... I really enjoyed the concert and to meet you afterwards! Thanks a lot for the possibility to make a photo with you, Richie and Ben! Get well soon + enjoy your time! Juergen
Hi Peter, I hope you enjoyed your time in Düsseldorf (beside the guys in the train - Karneval times...

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