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Ukes at Frankfurt Station

After our 'no gig' day yesterday, we once more jumped on the train from Hamburg to Frankfurt (another 3+ hour journey - with yet another visit by yours truly to the restaurant car) and were met by the organisers for the short journey to Dreieich. We we've played Dreieich about seven times now and its always a good gig with a terrific audience, naturally we were staying an the Underpants Hotel as it is known by the Ukes. We were reunited with Leisa and Ben who had flown out that day and so we were back to full strength as an eight piece.

The Castle at Dreieich

As well as a warm welcome from Wolfgang and his crew (promoters) we also hooked up with longtime friend friend and fan, Eva Hofbauer, who very kindly presented me with a couple of bottles of pumpkinseed oil - an Austrian delicacy which goes down a storm in my family. As usual (we always play here in summer) it was pretty hot and humid and shortly before the end of the first half, it started to rain which bothered the audience not in the slightest - they simply put on their rain gear and carried on listening.

Verena (our sound engineer, left of aisle) wore her green t shirt AGAIN! I reckon she dosen't like the limelight, so here's a very heartfelt appreciation of all techs working on shows that I found on the internet.

And finally here's a picture taken with Doris and Klaus, who came by after the show to say hello, they are readers of this blog and lovers of Labskaus (see Hamburg blog) - good to meet you!



Thank you Guenter! My mistake and thanks for correcting me - looking forward to Stuttgart!
Hello Peter, I can't await you to see The Ukes Sunday in Stuttgart. I wish you all a good time in Germany. May I correct you? I thing the picture above was taken in Frankfurt. I thing it's Frankfurt/M Hbf (Frankfurt Central Station).

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