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Dorking again!

Jonty eating his customary healthy breakfast

I'm banging this out in the dressing room before the show in Dorking as I'm going straight home tomorrow Campers. I had a pretty terrible nights sleep last night and consequently wasn't looking forward to the 3.5 hour car journey from Exeter to Dorking - which in the end took almost 5 hours (lots of traffic on the A303)

Leisa and I pose for a selfie during one of the many jams!

I was joined by Leisa on the trip and apart from the jams, we had a good time shooting the breeze about showbiz and other profound topics. On arrival we went straight into a rehearsal, which isn't easy when your hands are like claws from holding the steering wheel and your back is hunched.

Tonight is a bit different as George is coming to see the show; while he was there for the rehearsals we did a few weeks ago in London, he's been taking a sabbatical from touring this year. I suppose anyone who has been touring for 25 years is entitled to a bit of a break now and then. Its always a bit weird watching the Ukes (when you're a member of it) its only happened to me once, when I was touring with the band in Germany and they did a one-off performance of Ukulelescope in Berlin (which I wasnt a part of, because I was still working my full time job and couldn't take the time off).

We've done Dorking many times before and we'll see how it goes tonight.

I love these old photos that you come across in the nooks and crannies of theatres of thespians, civic dignitaries and people who devoted their life to the theatre - I wonder what her life was like.......... 

Back on the road on thursday



Thanks Andrea!
Hi Peter, it's a great to see the Ukes in the middle of tour-life moments. Thanks for sharing your funny posts!

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