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Doom O'Clock!

Its not often I get to hear the dawn chorus, but today I did, as the Ukes had an appointment at the US Embassy to sort out our visas for the forthcoming tour of the US in December. Here's me looking grim at 4.58AM while I wait to catch the first train to London from Kent. In the band we call it Doom O'Clock.

It's nice to come up to London and having lived here for thirty years, there are parts that I still miss - here's dawn breaking over Oxford Street in the heart of the West End.

 8AM - Waiting outside the US Embassy in Grovesnor Square

 Yet another yawn!

After we got out I walked back to Marble Arch tube and passed this plaque in Dunraven Sreet - I've got a couple of audio books of Jeeves which will see me through the December tour.

When I got to Holborn, I wasn't able to transfer to the Piccadilly line, so I decided to walk to St Pancras, and passed another plaque, that of the author Jerome K Jerome in Tavistock Place - Central London is full of these great plaques. Coming round the corner into Judd Street, I approached St Pancras Station. I remember it as a bit of a wreck for most of the last three decades and Kings Cross in particular as being a bit of a sleazy area. Not anymore, its Tech valley now apparently.



Good stuff, Peter! I rarely miss out on any of'em. Keep it goin!

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