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Delivering the Dream in Ipswich


Traffic at the Dartford crossing on the Thames estuary

I remember reading an interview with Pete Townsend of the Who, where he said that he never had any problems finding a theatre in the UK, because his father was a famous musician and he (Pete) had accompanied him to many gigs, so the directions to the venues were almost hard wired into his psyche. I pretty much drove straight to the theatre car park of the Regent here in Ipswich, where we have played many times before - its an old cinema and we have a Regent in my hometown, so they were probably part of the same chain. 


Unbelievably there is no soundcheck photo as I missed the soundcheck, due to having to pick my daughter up from school unexpectedly and felt extremely tired for the last two hours of the journey. I suspect thats because when I came home from the US Embassy yesterday in the afternoon, I fell into a deep sleep on the sofa and 24 hours later my body is telling me its sleepy time.  

The facade of the Regent plastered in publicity for the UOGB

I really must be careful as many many musicians have died on the road, like Dennis Brain - the famous french horn player, who incredibly, drove home from Edinburgh to London after a show. This was in the fifties, before motorways and I suppose he must have fallen asleep at the wheel.

Hester and Dave are not here, but we have two deps who are both terrific: Ben Rouse (tops on uke and bass) and Clara Sanabras (great voice). Here we are signing and meeting the audience after the show - this is becoming another photographic cliche of these blog posts! 

I must say that our face muscles are getting stronger, as we are all well practiced in holding a smile while fans fiddle around with their phones etc etc.

Here's what we played tonight.



No Ricky - thats Wills writing!
Were you still asleep when you wrote down the songs?

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