Tony Penultimate

Death on the Beach

Yes, it is true that I had an episode of bacterial meningitis a few years ago while on tour in Germany. But unlike the many unhappy incidents that strike young people in the prime of their life (children, babies etc) I was one of the very lucky ones who were found shortly after the attack and taken straight to hospital.

And while it was a momentous event in my life, it didn't seem to change it - I didn't become a keep fit fanatic or a born again Christian - I just continued doing what I was doing before.

So this is my attempt to make sense of it, and make the best of what life has left: - it's been pretty good so far. This short stupid film is my take on imposing a narrative on that episode, and so I can assure you that there was no dream, no encounter on the beach and no mission to make stupid films, but why not?



Thanx for the luv Alun - see you in Poole
Fine negotiating and putting. Long may it continue......

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