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Death and other Zombies

Spent yesterday, chucking out stuff from the basement, and came across this bunch of old photos which prompted some reminiscing and the thought that perhaps I should palm them off on you - my long suffering readers, in the form of another of those pathetic 'an old man and his memories' type blogs. So here is a bit more about my time working as an extra during the nineties - or what I can remember of it.

It does seem odd how many times I was asked to be a ghoul, a zombie or even the Grim Reaper himself. I can't even think who any of these people were, when the films were shot, or what the commercials were for. All I remember was that I got paid for doing a phenomenal amount of hanging around: - plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose!

This was some zombie type shoot at the Elephant & Castle shopping Centre in London - an incredibly drab place if ever I saw one (so a good location I guess).  God knows what the remit of the commercial was - I don't think I ever saw it. Below some of my smiling zombie pals

The only thing I remember about the day, was that after it was all over, I traveled home on the tube and forgot to take off my zombie makeup, thus giving several late night travellers the jitters.

and here's me impersonating Death - he won't mind, we're old buddies us two. As I remember it, this was some total rip off of the Bergman film The Seventh Seal

Shot, not on a beach but on some blasted heath near Ashdown forest, I remember an inordinate amount of hanging around as well on this one....


Getting the jaunty angle on my hat just right

Death enjoys a break and a cigarette - well it IS supposed to kill you!

My opponent was some 'regular style guy' and I honestly (again) can't remember what we were selling or indeed, if I ever saw the damn thing on tv!

More tea and ciggies

 The film crew set up




Ha! Very good Paul - hope you're wellx
Hi Peter Did you get any of the other actors to ‘corpse’ ?

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