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Day 8 Kansas Show

I was up early again at 5.45, and decided to for a walk and then get some breakfast at a small place nearby - the only place apart from the hotel that you can have breakfast without getting in a car - there is a mall about a mile away.

The weather here is pretty mild, only cold when the wind blows. I spent most of the day in my room, trying to relax and occasionally bumping into another Uke round and about. Richie and Jonty sure do know their birds - I was standing with Rich and he pointed out some nondescript looking bird (a native species) with an expression of delight. I watched the Brexit march back home via the internet, as touring musicians we're all pretty much remainers.

Its "Deya Ate" - as they say on the tv show 'Big Brother' (North East UK accent) in other words Day 8 on the road and so far so good (touch wood). I've already gone into my touring 'bubble': trying to get enough sleep, eating properly (not too much junk) keeping clean and popping a variety of pills, vitamin C, Echinacea (to ward off colds) and Rescue Remedy (Brit herbal tonic) to ward off tour paranoia. Touring is quite intense, changing hotel rooms every day or so, playing shows, with all the adrenaline that goes with it - all the while keeping in constant PR mode. Often meeting up friends that you know from the internet, who'd like to spend more time hanging out, but as always you've got to keep an eye on tomorrow and whats happening the next day.

Tomorrow is going to be stressful - after finishing our show (gone 11) we've got to come back to our hotel and be ready to leave at 5am, then get on two planes connecting to Santa Fe, New Mexico. The idea is that since we'll be arriving in a different time zone (we'll gain an hour and we'll have time to relax/sleep before the show) providing we can have an early check in at our hotel.

In the afternoon, I decided to go out and buy some chocolate - and went to reception to find out where the nearest grocery store or 7/11 was that I could walk to. The two receptionists looked at each other and said the nearby BP garage - about a mile away.

"But you'll have to go up 'The Hill' one said, looking at me as if I was mad..

A solicitous woman checking in at the desk even offered to give me a lift to the garage, but I declined. Needless to say, instead of some vertical rock face necessitating climbing gear, 'The Hill' turned out to be a gentle 1.27 incline which you can see in the distance above. If you don't have a car in the midwest - you're nobody!

Here's Ben modelling his new shoes which he bought at the mall.

Taking the hotel bus to the venue

Here's the venue - we played here in 2016

Just got back from the show, which went over very well - the only noteworthy things were: a heavily pregnant woman, smiling beautifically in the front row with her partner and an incredibly cold draft blowing across the stage, so much so that Leisa had to wear her scarf for the second half of the show - it didn't do me any good either - despite all the pills I'm popping I can feel a cold coming on. We had no time to sign as we have to be up so ridiculously early tomorrow - it might be a bit thin on the ground blog wise Campers. Adios



Thank you - I'll be sure to let Doug know, and Wichita sounds fun!
Good to know you're looking after your health. I just recently learned about your brush with death, and I'm so glad you decided against it: the world is a much, much cooler place with you in it. Loved the show last night, by the way. On the drive home we were raving about the new songs (and the mix - please tell Doug he really hit the sweet spot), in between hatching plans to contact your management about coming to Wichita the next time around… we’ve got a nice small walkable downtown with lots of restaurants. Rest up and stay well!

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