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Day 0 Packing Day

Greetings Campers! I'm packing today for the longest tour we've ever done, a 30 day, 18 date barnstormer across the USA - well large parts of it anyway. It'll be good to be back in the States, where the band has many friends - we've been here too many times to mention, but never for this long.

I didn't do the last US tour in 2016, as I was sick in a German hospital wrestling with my old friend Death - who kindly gave me a reprieve. That tour (that I missed) was through the South West of the US, this one goes everywhere - we'll be playing in 17 cities in 10 states and will take 18 flights, stay in innumerable hotels and I will possibly go insane (but its a living I guess). I think I may have to start collecting hotel pens again go focus my mind. To keep myself healthy on this tour I have packed a variety of tinctures, vitamin pills (essential for producing expensive urine - so a doctor friend tells me) not forgeting several sachets of dried soup in case we find ourself stranded after a gig, in a Holiday Inn, nine miles outside Nowheresville, Nebraska with nothing to eat and no way of getting into town.

Hotel pens removed/collected from the last tour I did in December 2016

We will be playing as an septet, with Jonty, Will, Leisa, Richie, Ben, me and Dave, with Doug (sound) and Jodi tour managing. Unlike our jaunts to Germany (never usually more than ten days) packing for this length of time is a serious business with every item considered, as weight is at a premium. Added to this is the consideration that while we will spend time in California and Texas where it is spring and thus warm - the tour will also take in Michigan and Iowa which will still be cold.

In other good news, I'll be celebrating my 61st birthday on a bus somewhere between Decorah, Iowa and Lincoln, Nebraska. I will probably not see our family hamster, Pippin again as he is 3 and a half years old (they ususally live 2 years) bald, lame and blind.

So we'll see how it all goes - I'm bashing this out on the train up to London Heathrow where we are meeting and getting on an 11 hour flight to Houston.



Yes, it's a real shame Phredd - particularly after we so nearly in met in 2016
Happy to have you back in the states, Peter, but sad that you won't be anywhere near my neck of the woods. Travel safe and good health to you all.

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