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Davis to Arcata - The Wheels on the Bus


To get from Davis to Arcata, we took this bus on a five hour bum-numbing journey through some very beautiful scenery including redwood forests (which I wont bore you with photos of). No seat belts again, this is quite worrying if there is an accident, we’ve had it.

I’m always been conscious that Doug (our sound engineer) did sound for the British Eurovision Contest winners Bucks Fizz in the eighties. They were going great guns until they had a horrific coach accident one night, when two of them went through the front windscreen (the band we’re never the same after that); as a long time fan of “the Fizz’, I’ve talked to Doug about it and his hand still trembles when he talks about that terrible night*

I’m making sure I’m sitting at the back of the bus.

*Actually this is a complete and utter fabrication (about Doug - he wasn’t on that tour) but I said I’d mention him on the blog and I owe him a drink!

The trembling hand of Doug Beveridge.


You'll note that our first pencil has joined the pack! No branded Pens at the Red Lion, Arcata.



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