Tony Penultimate

Davis to Arcata

Ropes backstage at the Mondavi Theatre at the University of California.

We've had excellent food here in California - Dave gets stuck into the potatoes.

Its a bit of a barn!

Soundchecking - I think I've only done two soundcheck shots this tour - well done me!

Another sponsor meet and greet, this one was a bit more low key and fun, plenty of interesting people, the bald guy on the left is a surgeon and very funny and self effacing (sorry - I'm terrible at remembering names). I think the sponsors here pledge smaller amounts of money and thus have much more of a say in the programming of the shows at the theatre - which is not a bad idea. Plenty of people here are connected to the University, which is huge and just one of four in California, I had an interesting conversation with an Anglo Indian family who all worked at the engineering department here.

I also chatted to a sweet old lady who remembered us from 2015, and had sponsored us - apparently we were in a 'beauty parade' with several other shows, but we were considered more 'fun' than the others.

I sometimes construct in my head, a parallel universe, where, for my own psychic health, I do things exactly the opposite to what I'm doing on the physical plane - especially if I'm feeling a little tired.

So I grabbed the old lady by the lapels, lifted her two feet off the ground, brought her face very close to mine, and said in my best Joe Pesci voice, 

"Fun? - does this face look like its having fun?"



Thanks Ricky - back home now and we all love the beautiful back scracher.
Makes merealize how lucky we were to get the private time with you all. Got a feeling it will be more scarce in the future, if at all. Aaah... the memories. I will cherish each one until the end. Thanks for that & the extraordinary kindness & class each of you have extended to Ruby & me!!

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