Tony Penultimate

Collegeville, Minnesota

A fairly mellow day, I got a good nights sleep thank goodness, and we moved on to our next gig at Collegeville, Minnesota - a short journey by plane.

Unlike Europe, domestic flights in the US charge you for luggage ($25 per bag) so at check in the ukes credit card starts flying around.

Breakfast at Quiznos

Dave checks the departures board

 Mural at the airport

Aerial view of Minneapolis

A bit of a wait for the pickup to take us to the gig

Because the campus is eco friendly and they have banned plastic bottles - we were issued with sports style drinks dispensers to take on stage.

Cheese is a big deal in Wisconsin and Minnesota and here Richie models a pack found in our fridge

 The auditorium at Collegeville, its on a campus called St Johns University.



Cheers Paul!
Thanks for the updates Peter. keep them coming.

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