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Cardiff and Yeovil

A very enthusiastic response to the Herring Fishermen of Mallaig post - I may well have to insert more herring related material into this blog.

Back to the present though - I was really tired by the time I got to Cardiff from Kent - a bum numbing drive of seven and a half hours.

Here's Stonehenge taken from my car, while in one of several traffic jams.

We played St Davids Hall in Cardiff - its where they hold the BBC Young Singer of the Year Competition. While it may seem very genteel inside - outside on the streets it was a typical Welsh Saturday night with plenty of drunkeness, young people lying around in gutters etc etc.

Some nice old photos on the wall of the theatre- here's Composer and Matinee Idol, Ivor Novello (Keep the Home Fires Burning, We'll Gather Lilacs) torching up a ciggy.

Plenty of history in this theatre!

After the gig, I was up early to get to Yeovil where me and my wife (Gilly) are having a late Valentines treat, staying in the band hotel - we went for a great lunch in this pub up on Ham Hill, nearby.

Here's the Yeovil soundcheck photo.

And greetings to Peter Macey, who came to the show and said hello afterwards, got his ukulele signed and is a reader of this blog



Thank you Peter for coming along and saying hello. Babbling is good too!
That's a nice surprise! I don't think I was really expecting you to use the photo. It was nice to meet you although I recollect I was babbling a bit. Hope you and your wife enjoyed your Valentines treat!

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