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Buxton ...again


Jonty insisted on taking a photo of me at our Dartford gig saying since I was always writing about my colleagues, I ought to appear in my own blog - so here I am.
Anyway - we’re off up to Buxton in Yorkshire today and, tired of the endless podcasts I listen to and in a sentimental mood, I spent the journey being serenaded by the long forgotten melodies of Franz Lehar and Ivor Novello - I don’t know anyone else who listens to this sort of stuff (the Ivor Novello playlist on Spotify has zero followers!). I sometimes think I must be a heterosexual trapped in a homosexuals body - I even quite like a bit of Judy Garland too....... 

Speaking of which I havent told you about my log - since my car is 10 years old and has a radio but not a bluetooth connection, I have bought a 'log' speaker which does the job perfectly. Richie was the first in the band to get one of these type of speakers and now we've all got one.


And as I predicted, here's me, fenced in by a couple of lorries, going over the QE2 bridge at Dartford where we played only a few days ago.

The journey, which the travel app predicted would take 5 hours, took an extra two and a half hours (7.5 hours in total) which meant I missed the rehearsal I had so carefully left early to attend. On the M50, I couldn't help but admire the facade of this cafe which I passed slowly, in one of the many traffic jams I encountered on the way.

Yorkshire vista

Backstage at Buxton

We've done Buxton many times before and, as Jonty is not doing these gigs, we have drafted in Dave Bowie on bass (real name and an old associate of the band from its earliest days) to do this show.

Despite my tiredness, the show went over well, I notice now that when I am tired, my voice looses its power, and since we ammended the setlist to accomodate numbers that Dave Bowie was familiar with, I sang 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' again with a mellow, nay, almost croonerish voice.

So after the show, it was back to bed for Bonzo (me) but to for long, since I had foolishly agreed to do a local radio interview (which turned out to be at 7am) - in the end, several of the band came along to play a few tunes outside the theatre in the freezing cold, wherupon it started raining - happy days.......



Thank goodness you play closer to Shrewsbury now because the treks across to Buxton, Derbyshire were awful this time of year! First ever gig we went to, we approached the pub opposite the Opera House and saw what we thought was a very tall, smartly dressed bouncer having a fag outside the door. When we got closer we realised it wasn’t a bouncer and I discovered that adults get starstruck too!

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