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Brunnen Festival, Switzerland

Doug Beverige

First of all congratulations to our long serving sound engineer Doug, who, we discovered, had married Elaine, his long term and lovely partner a few weeks ago. He has come with us to Switzerland and its good to have him here; this is usually Verena's - (our german sound engineer) patch, but she, for various reasons she can't make it. We flew out yesterday at the crack of dawn (9.10 to be exact) - but I can no longer get up at 4am and drive from Kent to the airport, get on the plane and do the gig - its too tiring, so several of us out of towners spend the night near Heathrow.

Heathrow dawn 

The festival is small and not an outdoor festival, but held in the Hotel Waldstatterhof, which by a fantastic misunderstandiing, we sorry band of ukulele chancers have been booked into - so no travel to the gig! It is a pretty swanky place, on the shores of Lake Lucerne, and we have been made to feel extremely welcome , we all got little welcome packs with swiss army knives, chocolate etc.. Apparently, Winston Churchill used to come to this hotel and it is situated in one of the three oldest cantons in Switzerland, this is also where William Tell was born and lived, shot arrows etc etc.


Here are some pictures of the venue that I took last night - I could, but I wont, write more - since I have a thumping headache, which I blame squarely on our generous hosts, who entertained us royally in the bar after the gig last night. It was a good gig too, with a wildly enthusiastic audience.

a swanky joint indeed 

A lucky Swiss burgher received this wonderful model cottage from Dave

Jonty has the world in his hands, Dave has his head in his hands!



Thanks Ellen, he's a very low key guy!
Congratulations to Doug and Elaine!
Thanks for the feedback Andrea (I hate that word!) I appreciate it!
great description it is always a pleasure read your blog!

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