Tony Penultimate

Brookfield, Wisconsin

After a terrible nights sleep and feeling pretty zonked, I got up at six o’clock and flopped into Fluffy’s diner next door to the hotel and ordered an omelette. No sooner had the first forkful gone in my mouth than the guy in the background on the left, started digging up the road with a pneumatic drill. I went outside and told him he was a beautiful person and did he know that orange (the colour of his outfit) or more specifically deep saffron, is the most sacred colour of the Hindus? - we hugged like brothers and I went back to my omelette (FAKE NEWS)

It was raining as we took a taxi to La Guardia airport for our flight to Milwaukee, thank goodness it wasn't raining yesterday - that would have ruined all the promo stuuf we did outside. The taxi ride was extremely bumpy (the roads in NY are terrible) and the taxi driver insisted on playing incredibly loud rock music.

Arriving at LaGuardia Airport (more rain - but hey, we're British!)

LaGuardia Airport

Leisa and Rich waiting to board our plane to Milwaukee

Domestic flights in the US seem to be much more like buses, with the usual scrum to get on.

Despite this, the journey to Milwaukee (2.5 hours) was pretty comfortable, with plenty of leg room for yours truly...

Ewan looks suspiciously on, he dosen't know I write this blog. The other Ukes are all sick to death of me sticking my phone in their faces all day long!

In the US, doctors not only have to be qualified - they've also got to be snappy dressers! Pic from the inflight magazine.

Doug (our sound guy) does the crossword while we come in to land in Milwaukee.

Arrival at our Brookfield hotel where we play tonight, the weather is colder here than in NY, with snow still on the ground.

As I was so tired, I barely glanced at my room card, and instead of going to room 457 (like it says) i went to room 417 (the check out date). Jodi (manager) told me that four other Ukes had done the same!! The poor woman in the room was getting was pretty fed up of people trying to get in.

This is the Sharon Lynne Wilson Centre

It has a nice, fairly intimate sized auditorium. As I was extremely tired, I managed to get a quick nap on the only sofa in Leisa's dressing room (no one took a photo of me thank goodness!) which gave me a bit of gas in the tank for the show. We had a fantastic audience (highly appreciative) and it's good to be back in the States. A big shoutout to the audience members that we only know from social media sites, it was good to see you!

The walls backstage are often plastered with photos of bands who have played the theatre before - this one caught my eye. Hope I get some sleep tonight........


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