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Bristol Again

Barely 24 hours after I'd returned from Germany, it was time to turn around and head back up the motorway to Bristol, in the west of England (I live in the east). So back I drove again, past Heathrow, stopping off to see my good friend, drummer/percussionist Justin Woodward, who played on both my, and Hesters solo albums. He has recently built a recording studio in his house which is almost directly under the flightpath of one of the busiest airports in the world!

We've played the Colston Hall many times, but this was different as it was the 150th anniversary of the hall and they'd set up a big anniversary concert with various acts. We were not doing our regular show, but an hour long set and we were without George and Jonty so Dave Bowie (yes, thats his real name) stepped into the bass chair, while Ben Rouse covered for George.

 Showbiz glamour - backstage at the Colston Hall

The show itself was interesting, as it was a free concert, so while there must have been some of our followers there, most of the audience had never heard of us, including compere Tanya Lacey (she was on The Voice - BBC tv show). This meant that we all had to dig deep and put the energy across the footlights and gradually it started to go over - we got a good hand at the end


and here's me looking tired at soundcheck (Shut up and get back to work!)

After the show we all went back to the hotel for a drink and found that the place was overbooked and that Will's room was unavailable! They found him another another hotel to stay in and put him in a cab to get there. Also good to see our old mucker, Guy Bellingham (aka Mr Dennis Teeth of the Hot Potato Syncopators) who came along to see the show and joined us for a drink afterwards.

Bristol rooftops, from my hotel

We're playing the SS Europa again on Sunday so check back Monday for updates Campers! Auf Wiedersehen...




Can't believe I missed you in Bristol! Glad it went ok, hope to see you all when you're back in these parts.

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