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Dear Readers - just a brief blast on my blog before I head off home. Yesterday was a little draining, as I didn't sleep very well the night before at Reading. I drove from Reading to Bristol via the showrooms of Big Tall Order on the outskirts of Bristol (I buy trousers from them on the internet) and had a good chat with Nick (owner and nice guy) who was my height and had recently returned from a Tall Mans convention in France, where they had flown in the tallest guys and girls join the world to meet each other.

He showed me several amazing pictures of him with the tallest man in the world (Chinese) the tallest man in Europe (a Turkish guy) and the tallest man in the US. These are guys who are well over 7 feet tall - truly I am a midget in comparison.

I bought a couple of pairs of trousers plus a tuxedo, which will stand me in good stead since my own tux is getting old. This is one of the problems of being tall - whereas someone like Jonty or Dave can walk into a clothes store and buy a cheap stage suit for 100 Euros, I have to have my clothes made to measure at considerably more expense.

Since I am under strict instructions not to buy clothes while on tour, without my wife and daughter giving any purchases the thumbs up, I had a rather heated phone conversation home, before I drove to the theatre in Bristol.

We played the Colston Hall, which we have played several times before. Richard Tauber, the famous tenor (idol of my mum and grandmother) performed here several times. Bristol is a seaport and was a well known haunt of pirates - indeed on arrival at the gig, we discovered that there was a pirate ukulele band - now there's a sub genre for you!

Looking into the history of the hall, I discovered that it was named after Edward Colston who made his money from the slave trade - like many seaports in Britain - civic splendour was built on the back of other peoples misery.


I must give a shout out to Andy, who came up to me at our signing last night and said he followed my blog. I am always slightly worried about what I write here, and am still waiting for someone to punch my lights out for being indiscreet. Cheers Andy!


Finally, this beautiful lady asked us to sign her dress! I have signed a lot of things, but never a dress. I got a much better picture of Hester and Leisa signing it, but it was too blurry, so you'll have to make do with yet another photo of Dave and Jonty.

We are up in Bury Lancashire on the 14th so I'll catch you there.




Haha - thanks for the shout out, Peter! Great fun as always last night, look forward to reading your exploits and seeing you all again.

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