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Here we go with another short tour of Germany (Bremen, Leverkusen and Munster) ahead of our long tour of the US, which starts in two weeks time. I stayed the night before in the Thistle Heathrow, where the welcome is as warm as the corridors are long......

The next day I hooked up with the rest of the band at Terminal 5 Heathrow, prior to our flight out to Hamburg.

By some wierd arrangement our BA flight was being handled by Aer Lingus? Given that we are not long past St Patricks Day, it seemed appropriate.

From the airport, we hooked up with Viola, our tour manager and made the bus journey to Bremen, which took two hours, when the schedule said it would take one - thats Google Maps for you!

I remember playing this theatre five/six? years ago - its a beutiful Deco theatre with a fantastic laquered interior.

Sometimes we really are tiptoeing in the footprints of the giants of entertainment. Here's a vintage poster advertising the great Satchmo from our dressing room, he played here in 1961.

Soundcheck (it was a long one!)

Did I say St Patricks day earlier? We don't often play in green theatres but we did tonight!

Here's a photo of us having our meal before the show - Dave, Will and I had a simply colossal schnitzel - delicious. The show itself went well and after we finished we all went back to the hotel - it was the end of a very long day and I went straight to bed and the land of nod - more tomorrow.


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