Tony Penultimate

Boulder, Colorado

Checking in at the Boulderado Hotel

Well, another slow, but pleasant news day. We arrived late afternoon yesterday in Boulder Colorado, at the same hotel where we stayed last time we played here. It has the oldest working Otis lift in the US, installed in 1907 (but you can't use it unless you get the operator). Louis Armstrong is just one of the famous guests who stayed here.

Since I was well on the way to feeling better, I went to the hotel bar with the crew for a couple of drinks and a hamburger. The portions here are so massive, that I'm managing to make do on one meal a day, plus a couple of miso soups and a few bits of fruit from our rider (I sound like some kind of scavenging rodent). It'll be good to lose some weight before putting it back on over Christmas.

 Scraping the ice away in front of the hotel


The Macky Auditorium - we sold it out tonight! (2000 seats) 

 Some great artists have played here back in the day

 Dougs desk at the show tonight.


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